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What Is Xactimate?

According to a survey by the Association of Claims Professionals (ACP), there are over 125,000 claims professionals working across the United States.

Over 70% of adjusters work in-house at large insurance companies.

Whether it’s in an insurance company or at an independent adjusting firm, nearly all claims professionals must learn how to work with Xactimate.

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What Is Xactimate?

It is claims estimating software by Xactware specially designed for insurance adjusters.

Adjusters used to have to write claims by hand, and use pricing books and calculators to calculate estimates.

Thanks to Xactimate, many of these tasks are now automated.

Each year, over 3.5 million claims occur in the country.

Xactimate helps claims adjusters be accurate and efficient with their claims filing process.

With Xactimate, you can receive and send estimates and valuation assignments.

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It has a 3D View tool that enables you to rotate, zoom in and out, and change the colors of structures you’re viewing for your property claims.

When you’re doing insurance adjusting on the go, you’re even able to use Xactimate on a mobile device through the claims estimating app for Apple and Android devices.

Both the mobile and desktop version of Xactimate are fully integrated.

This means you can do claims handling of property damage onsite, logging info on the mobile version, then transfer the data to your desktop to finish up more complex tasks.

Handling insurance claims has never been easier with Xactimate.

You won’t even have to worry about manual updates, as both the mobile and desktop versions do so automatically.

Now, Xactimate is widely used across the claims industry. It is well worth using and learning Xactimate to assist you in being successful as an adjuster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xactimate

If you are the owner of an adjusting firm or are a claims professional, you might have some questions about Xactimate.

Maybe you’re considering having your company make the switch to this software.

Maybe you’re an independent contractor who works with other clients that prefer work be submitted through Xactimate. 

Whatever the case, here are answers to some of the most common questions about Xactimate.

Why Use Xactimate?

Xactimate is robust in its features.

Whether you need to sketch out features to determine dimensions and calculations or know what items will be needed for repairs, Xactimate is able to handle it all.

It also updates prices each month, so when you print out a summary of line items you’ll know they are accurate and up-to-date.

Furthermore, many insurance companies and contractors now use Xactimate, making the software vital for easy discussion and negotiation.

Xactimate helps by:

  • Streamlining the estimating process
  • Saving time and money on making estimates
  • Auto-updating pricing information

What Is Xactimate Used For?

The software is designed specifically for property adjusting.

Adjusters and insurance companies all use Xactimate to help process property claims.

Xactimate can help an adjuster to document property damage.

By using the software, an adjuster can both sketch out property details, as well as create loss estimates.

Insurance companies use Xactimate to assist with calculating the costs of property damage and repair.

How Does Xactimate Work?

Xactimate maintains a connection to online servers so that it can update pricing info in real-time.

All major insurance companies use Xactimate for their estimating and billing systems to ensure pricing uniformity between themselves and contractors.

Xactimate works by using items such as labor, material, and measurements to come up with the prices.

How to Use Xactimate

After you’ve purchased Xactimate and created a login ID, you can use the software to sketch floor plans, roof layouts, and other house features.

If you need to specify materials or line items, the software offers a price list where you can drag and drop into the plan.

Once you’ve created a sketch, Xactimate will auto-calculate the material and labor required for construction.

For example, Xactimate can estimate flooring material.

Through the software, a contractor can select multiple variations in flooring.

Xactimate then calculates the different roll directions and where seams will be located.

All calculated specifications are able to be modified.

For every line item, Xactimate can help to create:

  • Equipment costs
  • Labor costs
  • Material costs
  • And more

pacesetter claims is an exactware certified trainer

To get the utmost potential out of Xactimate, there are multiple training options provided by Xactware to help you learn how to use it.

There is also a full 30-day demo version available on the Xactware company website.

What Is a Scope of Work?

Sometimes referred to as Scope of Repairs or Repair Scope, a Scope of Work is a document or multiple documents that describe structural damage for a Xactimate estimate.

It will detail what’s needed to repair the damages.

In short, a Scope of Work details the various types of work needed for a project.

On average, a Scope of Work will include:

  • A floor plan or the dimensions of the damaged structure
  • Photos of damages
  • A description of the damage
  • The number of damaged items
  • A list of repair tasks
  • An estimate of labor hours needed for repairs

The point of creating a Scope of Work and submitting it is to have it converted into an estimate.

This is so that you can gauge what the total cost will be for the project.

What Tasks or Items Can Xactimate Estimate?

There are too many to list fully.  Xactimate is able to estimate thousands of tasks and items.

Here is a sample list of the categories you can find items and tasks under to estimate:

  • Accessories for mobile home
  • Appliances
  • Asphalt
  • Awnings and patio covers
  • Cabinetry
  • Concrete
  • Contents: Ceiling or wall hangings
  • Doors
  • Drywall
  • Electrical
  • Exterior structures
  • Fencing
  • Fireplaces
  • Floor covering (such as carpet or hardwood)
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Stairs
  • Windows

Will an Insurance Company Agree to the Xactimate Estimate?

There is no definitive answer to this. However, Xactimate is used by most insurance companies. It is the most widely accepted estimating software for the claims industry.

Because Xactimate is used by the majority of professionals working in the industry, any estimate created for our clients using Xactimate increases the chances of both parties reaching an agreement on repair costs.

That being said, there can still be disagreements on the scope of repairs, or there may not be insurance coverage for a particular item.

Why Choose Pacesetter?

The benefit of hiring Pacesetter Claims Service is that we can help relieve you of the stress of preparing a claim.

We have a full staff of certified, professional adjusters who are the best to be found in the industry.
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Our team is able to communicate through every step of the claims process, from preparing to settling the claim. It’s because of our dynamic system that we’re able to give excellent service.

Pacesetter sets itself apart from other adjuster service providers by maintaining close communication with you throughout the entire journey. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and giving custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

If you want the very best when it comes to claims adjusting, contact us today.

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