Daily Services

What began in a few Midwestern states in 2002 is now a nationwide daily property claims service for many small to large insurance carriers. What is unique about this is that the same managers in charge in 2002 are still in charge today, we just had to add more! We still believe in listening to our customers and supplying adjusters that will provide a quality product that meets each individual client's requirements. This can only happen through the joint efforts of our adjusters, management, quality control, and file review teams.

Our adjusters have the ability to handle residential, farm and ranch, and commercial claims. We use both Xactimate and Symbility estimating platforms depending on your requirement. Our adjusters are properly licensed for the areas they work and obtain the appropriate certifications required. Each has been through a background check prior to working your claims. Most importantly, they will deliver the customer service you expect, which Pacesetter Claims Service is known for.

Coverage where you need it

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Catastrophe Services

Many companies claim to be the best, we will leave that decision up to you. We will simply state that we are known for our long term relationships with our insurance company partners. When you take the time to listen, train your adjusters to provide what the client asks for and maintain high ethical standards it is easy to understand why these relationships last.

Good things don't just happen. They take a lot of coordination and planning.

Pacesetter Claims Service brings together our capable adjusters, knowledgeable storm management team and a demanding quality assurance team. They are aided by our IT, adjuster relations, and training divisions. This blend of talent produces one of the finest products in the industry. So at the end of the day, you can feel comfortable that your decision to use Pacesetter Claims Service was the right one.

Water Mitigation File Review

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage claims account for approximately 30% of property insurance claims. Of that percentage, the greatest amount is paid for water mitigation services to companies that provide nothing other than water extraction and equipment rental.

In addition, while the actual claim count is going down, the average cost of the claim has risen three fold since 2000.

As recently as the 1990s, structures experiencing water inundation were addressed by using readily available equipment like wet/dry vacuums, carpet cleaning wands, and portable heating units and fans. Wet materials were dried as best as possible or disposed of if drying them seemed impractical.

From this humble approach the science of structural drying was birthed and has spawned an industry that annually costs billions of dollars to service. Somewhere along the way the idea that this was supposed to mitigate or reduce losses became a little muddy. What was originally designed to save building elements from having to be replaced became more expensive that the materials it saved and ultimately became defined as part of the damage cost itself.

For too long the insurer has been held captive by the water mitigation contractor who has been mistakenly identified as the "expert". This has led to a ballooning of the cost of turning wet materials into dry and created an industry that is fired by ominous threats of potential future catastrophic consequences.

Pacesetter Claims Service is not offering an alternative to business as usual and remaining defenseless. We can now provide the insurer with an informed and professional third party approach to water mitigation file review; An approach that gives the insurer a sane and reasoned evaluation of the appropriate cost and results. Pacesetter Claims Service can even provide the ability to negotiate final water mitigation costs with contractors based on the internationally acclaimed IICRC S500 standard for water mitigation.

Give Pacesetter Claims Service the opportunity to once again serve you with highly qualified people who accomplish extraordinary things.

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Desk Adjust

We have a variety of staff ranging from adjusters, collaborators, and managers that can perform duties from desk reviews, full claim resolution, dispute resolution, managing units, commercial loss files and so on. We can deploy a single adjuster to fill in for vacations or a complete array of assets to get through challenging CAT spikes.  We provide only W-2 employees in these positions.

Our resources are increasing daily and in conjunction with our training academy, you can rest assured PCS can deliver the kind of person you need.  We also provide placement for positions with carriers.   


National Appraisal Service

Pacesetter Claims Service offers national appraisal service through our subsidiary company, ConnectPoint Resolution Systems.

For more information, contact Barry Coleman at 918.665.8887 extension 1217.