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We are looking for trusted insurance partners.

After 21 years we are still setting the pace!

ISO 9001-2015 Certification is among our most recent accomplishments. We wanted to streamline our attention to quality and customer service.

One way we accomplished this was to have a third party analyze our internal and external review results. 

These specific results and feedback created new challenges, raising the bar even higher while assisting us in maintaining and exceeding our goals, as well as creating new ones.

While companies consistently struggle to meet certain business needs including W2 vs. 1099 status, Cyber Security Protection, proper insurance coverages and limits, customer service, business continuity plans, client commitments, and company best practices, our ISO Certification has helped us meet and exceed these challenges.

Not only do we want to succeed in today’s market, but we also continue to strive to be the best of the best.

These reviews also assist us in determining what a reasonable commitment level of adjusters should be during a catastrophe.

We have even taken into account what happens when multiple catastrophic events occur simultaneously on different coasts.

This information will allow us to determine the proper number of adjusters to commit which will ultimately serve the needs of our clients more efficiently and effectively.

We never want to cause heartache by over-committing and under-delivering.

Our philosophy is simple; treat others as we would want to be treated.

We select our outsourcing partners by selecting those that will be honest with us. We promise to do the same with our clients.

PCS is dedicated to a high level of security and quality measurements through ISO 9001-2015 guidelines, which in turn gives our clients added protection.

We are looking to partner with a few select clients throughout the country. We offer resources for desk adjusting, temporary staffing, and fast-track claims services in addition to catastrophe and daily field claims within the 48 states.

If you have an interest in meeting to discuss how we can provide you the best adjusting services, please contact Bill Brassfield, CEO directly at 918.665.8887 ext. 1214 or bill@pcs.email or Jim Shrewsbury, EVP of Business Development jshrewsbury@pacesetterclaims.com.

We are confident in our team and the service we provide and would welcome the opportunity to prove our level of service and commitment.

Quality you can count on from a trusted partner you can rely on!