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Pacesetter Insurance Adjuster Training

We Provide The Best Insurance Adjuster Training Available

Pacesetter Academy has a legacy of providing adjusters with the best catastrophe adjuster training available. Our graduates have become highly sought-after adjusters and their accomplishments have validated the school’s ability to raise the bar in our industry.

Today we are even more excited to continue this heritage by providing an expanded inventory of training and courseware. As you consider your career in the exciting field of property adjusting, you will find these training opportunities are imperative to your success in the industry. In addition, we invite you to visit the following links to take advantage of the training material offered by HAAG:

Pacesetter Academy is currently offering 5-day Field and Desk Adjusting 101 courses, and will soon be offering multiple virtual trainings online as well. If you are interested in a more intensive field training, we recommend Veteran Adjusting School (VAS). We believe this training program offers new adjusters a top-notch education, as they are designed to make their graduates invaluable to the industry.

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