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Best IA Firm for New Adjusters

As many new claims adjusters enter the industry, there’s been a surge in the use of new technologies. The issue with this, as we know all too well, is that matters in the claims sector often need a human touch.

It isn’t possible to undertake every aspect of the process by using technology alone.

At Pacesetter, we’ve known for some time there is a significant opportunity to harness some of the power and intelligence that technology offers; and with this, improve on the current levels of productivity and efficiency in the claims adjustment sector.

With our new program, we get the best of both worlds and combine smart technology with dedicated writers to deliver something that completely transforms the process and efficiency of new adjusters.

Pacesetter Launches Revolutionary New Program, PACE Evo.

We know that technology brings a powerhouse of benefits to the work that claims adjusters need to do.

However, as anybody in this industry knows all too well, there is no 100% substitution for the value added by ‘real people’ when it comes to working claims.

Our new scoper/writer program, Pace Evo, combines revolutionary technology with the essential touchpoints only a real-world view can offer.

The Pace Evo program also serves as an outstanding training tool for new or inexperienced claims adjusters. It teaches individuals how they can property inspect a loss, without needing to have years of experience under their belt.

We have dedicated PACE Evo-writers, which means the Inspectors/Scopers won’t need to stay up all night writing out the claims they inspected during their working day.

For new adjusters, this is a GAMECHANGER.

Actually, for experienced adjusters, it’s a real asset too.

Say goodbye to long nights spent writing up the claims that were inspected that day, and hello to a healthier work/life balance.

PACE Evo is Changing the Claims Adjustment Landscape

We knew, that in order to give the best possible customer experience and operate in the leanest and most time-efficient manner, we needed to find a way to power our work SMARTLY with technology, but without losing that essential human-factor that working claims requires.

Our solution, the PACE Evo-writer is going to completely change the landscape and workloads of new rookie adjusters in the market, while also delivering industry-wide benefits to even the most experienced of adjusters too.

We’ve already made our mark in the industry as one of the best claims adjuster companies; and with PACE Evo-writer, Pacesetter Claims Service are set to further cement the business, along with the outstanding support for new claims adjusters in the sector; improving even further on the excellent reputation the team have worked hard to earn since the business started back in 1997.

As a business, we are committed to raising the bar in the industry as high as we can. We’ve already made a mark in the insurance claims arena by providing adjusters with outstanding training at The Pacesetter Academy, and have helped train and nurture some of the industry’s most sought-after adjusters.

If you’re a new claims adjuster and want to learn a little more about how Pacesetter Claims Services can help you flourish, then our team can help you with that, and we’d love to hear from you soon.

About Us

At Pacesetter Claims, we serve insurance companies nationwide and support adjusters of all levels and tenures; enabling them to be the most successful they can be. We are dedicated to our clients and passionate about training; and we truly share the success of each and every one of our trainees and team members.

Our team of claims managers and file reviewers are the best at what they do, and through their meticulously stringent approach, they uphold the highest quality of files. We are ISO 9001 certified and hold the SOC2 accreditation. 

Why Choose Pacesetter?

The benefit of hiring Pacesetter Claims Service is that we can help relieve you of the stress of preparing a claim.

We have a full staff of certified, professional adjusters who are the best to be found in the industry.
Whether the work is in the office or out in the field, our networking and management system provides a solid foundation of support.

Our team is able to communicate through every step of the claims process, from preparing to settling the claim. It’s because of our dynamic system that we’re able to give excellent service.

Pacesetter sets itself apart from other adjuster service providers by maintaining close communication with you throughout the entire journey. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and giving custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

If you want the very best when it comes to claims adjusting, contact us today.

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Since 1997, we have built and continue to attract the best operations team in the property claim industry.

Our team supports all aspects of the property line to include Catastrophe, Daily, and Desk Adjusting. We also offer file audits, appraisal, and consulting services. Working together, we will help you deliver the service standards your customers expect.

Quality you can count on from a trusted partner you can rely on!

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