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Pacesetter Academy Sets Up Insurance Adjusters For Success

 Our Insurance Adjuster Training Classes Can Help New or Seasoned Adjusters 

Some people say the toughest job in the insurance industry is that of an insurance adjuster, but the job is also quite rewarding.

It’s often described as the toughest job in the industry because an insurance adjuster is almost always talking to someone that has experienced some form of loss or tragedy. It’s also not uncommon for those people that have suffered loss to expect a big settlement from their insurance company.

If the settlement isn’t as large as expected, the insurance adjuster generally takes the brunt of the client’s anger. But the job can also be extremely fulfilling.

Pacesetter Claims Service offers their Pacesetter Academy that can train you to become a better insurance adjuster through software, damage recognition, carrier certification, and on-site job training. The training is for when you already have your insurance adjuster’s license or are studying for the exam.

If you are considering becoming an insurance adjuster, there are some hoops you have to jump through like licensing, background checks, and some college credit. However, there are some states that don’t require licensing.

There are pros and cons to being an insurance adjuster

Insurance adjusters that enjoy their work report high levels of job satisfaction. The pay scale for adjusters can be lucrative, depending on the amount of work you do. You are basically your own boss, and you have the opportunity to help people every single time you put on your insurance adjuster hat.

However, there are some cons to being an insurance adjuster. Your income could vary and be inconsistent, and some adjusters must travel for work. After a natural disaster in another state, some adjusters must travel long distances to make money. Also, Some independent insurance adjusters must provide their own adjuster tools.

What does it take to become an insurance adjuster?

Anyone interested in becoming an insurance adjuster must be proficient with computers and have amazing time management skills. Most adjusters have a full plate with numerous clients all wanting answers from you.

Creating relationships is one of the most important skills to have as an insurance adjusters. Your clients must trust you and the work you do. People skills are an integral part of being a successful adjuster.

How do I acquire an insurance adjuster license?

An insurance adjuster license allows you to process claims in a legal manner. Here are the things most states need for your first insurance adjuster license.

  • Complete your state’s pre-licensing or exam prep course
  • Pass the licensing test
  • Submit background checks and fingerprints
  • Submit paperwork and payment to the respective state

Again, some states do not require an adjuster license, but if your home state does require licensing, you will want to pursue a license through that state. If your state does not require a license, you can choose any state to designate as your home-state license.

Florida is a great state to be licensed because so many potentially deadly and damaging storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes occur on the east coast.

How Pacesetter can help you become a better insurance adjuster

Pacesetter Academy has a legacy of providing adjusters with the best catastrophe adjuster training available. Our graduates have become highly sought-after adjusters and their accomplishments have validated the school’s ability to raise the bar in our industry.

At Pacesetter, we offer various year-round training programs for novice adjusters that need new information or for seasoned adjusters that need a refresher.

Of course, we hope you will join the Pacesetter family. Visit our careers page to fill out an insurance adjuster application.




Why Choose Pacesetter?

The benefit of hiring Pacesetter Claims Service is that we can help relieve you of the stress of preparing a claim.

We have a full staff of certified, professional adjusters who are the best to be found in the industry.
Whether the work is in the office or out in the field, our networking and management system provides a solid foundation of support.

Our team is able to communicate through every step of the claims process, from preparing to settling the claim. It’s because of our dynamic system that we’re able to give excellent service.

Pacesetter sets itself apart from other adjuster service providers by maintaining close communication with you throughout the entire journey. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and giving custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

If you want the very best when it comes to claims adjusting, contact us today.

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Since 1997, we have built and continue to attract the best operations team in the property claim industry.

Our team supports all aspects of the property line to include Catastrophe, Daily, and Desk Adjusting. We also offer file audits, appraisal, and consulting services. Working together, we will help you deliver the service standards your customers expect.

Quality you can count on from a trusted partner you can rely on!

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