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Insurance claims are filed every day, and that isn’t slowing down any time soon. Insurance adjusters are in high demand due to the large volume of claims filed across the country. Accidents occur daily and natural disasters seem to hit several times a year, depending on your location, with tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes. 

The career of an insurance adjuster can be satisfying and rewarding due to the pay and the opportunity to help people get back on their feet after a crisis. Now, becoming an insurance adjuster has been made easy thanks to Pacesetter Claims Service.

What is the Role of an Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters, or claim adjusters, determine how much money an insurance company should pay a claimant by inspecting the site of the accident or disaster. They can investigate personal injury claims or property damage, and their job is to inspect the home, business, or automobile involved in the claim. Adjusters can also interview witnesses, do substantial research, and examine police or accident reports.

We provide the best insurance adjuster training available in Jacksonville

Pacesetter Academy has a legacy of providing adjusters with the best catastrophe adjuster training available. Our graduates have become highly sought-after adjusters and their accomplishments have validated the school’s ability to raise the bar in our industry.

Today we are even more excited to continue this heritage by providing an expanded inventory of training and courseware. As you consider your career in the exciting field of property adjusting, you will find these training opportunities are imperative to your success in the industry. In addition, we invite you to visit the following links to take advantage of the training material offered by HAAG:

What Pacesetter Academy Offers

At Pacesetter Academy, we offer Desk Adjuster classes, Evo Inspector training, and HOVER Application training. Anyone interested in field representative training should check out the following training schools — VAS (Veteran Adjusting School) and AIA (Academy of Insurance Adjusting). These training courses offer a first-rate education in insurance claim adjusting, and they are designed to make their graduates essential to the insurance industry.

pacesetter insurance adjusters academy

Enroll Now For The Pasadena Pacesetter Academy!

Pacesetter Claims Service is an industry leader in insurance adjuster training thanks to our revolutionary Pacesetter Academy. We have an expanding inventory of training and courseware that can make you an expert in the industry. These training courses are crucial in your journey to become an insurance claims adjuster.

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Adjuster Training Frequently Asked Questions

Is being an insurance adjuster difficult?

It is a challenging job, but a rewarding one. The pay is certainly good, and you can determine how much you make by how much work you’re able to handle. Plus, helping people get their lives back on track after an accident or disaster can be very satisfying. 

Do claims adjusters make good money?

There is no exact answer, but the average salary of an insurance adjuster is just under $70,000 a year, and the amount of money you make can be determined by the type of insurance adjuster you are.  

Is insurance adjuster a stressful job?

The job of an insurance claims adjuster can be quite stressful because it involves a lot of attention to detail, extensive research, and investigating, and claimants can get impatient. However, the rewards outweigh any negativity that might come with the job. The job can be hard, but the hard is what makes it great.


To be recognized as one of the most trusted providers of customizable solutions to the insurance claims industry, making us an employer and partner of choice.


Pacesetter Academy has a legacy of providing adjusters with the best catastrophe adjuster training available. Our graduates have become highly sought after adjusters.


Pacesetter Claims Service contributes our success to our quality employees. We are a family owned business where we believe in serving not only those that employ us, but also those employed by us.


What People are Saying

pacesetter claims is five star rated

“One of the best!

I have nothing but appreciation for all the people at Pacesetter that I have had the opportunity to work with in the last 3 years. Multiple hurricanes, hail storms, and wind storms later, I still love what I do. As far as Independent Adjuster Firms are concerned, Pacesetter is one of the best!

Aron Henderson

Independent Property Adjuster

pacesetter claims is five star rated

“I feel supported”

My ten years working with Pacesetter Claims Service have been profitable and pleasant. I feel supported when working on a storm site, I don’t feel “left to the wolves”. There is always someone to help if it’s needed. This company is large enough to get work and small enough to know your name.

Ben Armstrong

Independent Property Adjuster


pacesetter claims is five star rated

“Very responsive”

“We work to utilize our own staff as much as possible, but, in our time of need, Pacesetter has been there for us and provided great service! Pacesetter is very responsive to our needs and provides great service to our customers and agents. We trust Pacesetter to help us make a difference.”

John Foster

AFR Insurance, Director of Claims

pacesetter claims is five star rated

“Ability to adapt”

“What I appreciate most about working with Pacesetter is their ability to adapt to our needs which vary depending on the event. Pacesetter offers the entire gamut of services, from establishing a temporary call center to providing resources to assist in reviewing reports at the Examiner level.”

Scott Lutz

AIC, Vice President, Claims, Lititz Mutual Insurance Company

pacesetter claims is five star rated


“Now that I have been home for some time and have had some time to reflect on the deployment to Texas, I wanted to share with you my experience. I started this deployment with a broken-down truck, so I had to rent a vehicle just to make my commitment to Pacesetter and the Carrier happen. So glad I did… What transpired in the Texas freeze help room was nothing short of amazing to me. Having Greg and Sharon in the help room was totally awesome!!! I cannot thank you all enough for the opportunity and the time that was taken with me to better my adjusting skills. Natalie Good and her review team were totally awesome too!! I have and will always make Pacesetter my IA firm… Top-notch people all around… Until the next one!!!

Thank you ALL very much.”

Richard A. Roberts
Independent Adjuster

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