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What We Do

Pacesetter Claims Service is a family-owned, independent adjuster firm with a wide array of services. We deal with property claims, ranging from catastrophes to daily adjusting.

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We provide customizable solutions to the insurance claims industry. Based on your unique needs, Pacesetter Claims Service can offer:

  • File audits
  • Appraisals
  • Consulting services
  • Call Center (during high volume seasons)
  • Hands-on field management and more

If you’re in search of consistent and comprehensive claim files in the property claim industry, then Pacesetter Claims Service can help. We help our clients to meet and exceed their claim service and production goals.

Founded in 1997, Pacesetter Claims Service has an expert team capable of delivering support for all aspects of property claims adjusting. We focus on developing and understanding each of our clients.

We believe this is one of the aspects that sets us apart from other claims service providers.

We are one of the top daily and catastrophe adjusting firms in the country. We make sure to use only the best software programs available to ensure that we supply efficient and accurate property adjustments to all of our clients. The primary software we use includes Xactware and Symbility.

Primary Services

We offer a vast array of services when it comes to property claims.

Whether you are an insurance company that’s finding itself short-staffed or are an independent property adjuster, you can rest assured we have ample resources to handle any issue.

Some of the core services we offer include:

Daily Services

We have a large roster of professional daily adjusters. If needed, our adjusters can see to your task-based claims or TPA services.

Our adjusters are all housed at office locations so that work and communication are at peak efficiency.

Third-Party Administration (TPA)

Our experienced adjusters can handle your claims from beginning to end. All of our work is completed through secured systems and uses software like Xactware and Symbility that is dedicated to the industry.

One of the benchmarks of our service is that we put emphasis on listening to the needs of our clients. We then customize an approach tailored to their situation. All of our TPA staff are located on-site in a Pacesetter office.

Catastrophe Services

The only thing predictable about catastrophes is their unpredictability.

Catastrophic weather can create a huge financial liability for insurance companies. Some of the most common catastrophes that Pacesetter can help you adjust claims for include:

  • Hurricanes
  • Hail
  • High winds
  • Tornados
  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires

When a natural disaster occurs, insurance companies can turn to Pacesetter Claims Service for help. We can be your trusted advocate when it comes to adjusting claims that will be accurate and fair to you.

When we send adjusters, we also provide management personnel. Our on-site management help give our adjusters support and ensure that our strict service level agreements are maintained.

Pacesetter is equipped to handle all your catastrophe deployment needs.

Desk Adjusting

At Pacesetter, we maintain a full roster of in-house desk adjusters.

Our desk adjusters can help you with the full claims process, as well as with dispute resolutions and large commercial loss assistance.

If needed, Pacesetter can send either a single adjuster or an entire team to your location. It’s our goal to deliver solutions for whatever problem you’re facing.

We make it our mission to provide relief in your time of need.

Appraisal Services

At Pacesetter, we’re committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients.

It is because of this vow that we have a subsidiary company, ConnectPoint Resolution Systems.

Our subsidiary company is able to provide national appraisal services and dispute resolution.

Additional Services

Pacesetter Claims Service is able to adapt our services to cater to the needs of our clients. This is what helps to set us apart from other claims service providers.

We can establish a temporary call center or provide resources to assist in reviewing reports at the Examiner level.

We also have an adjuster training program called the Pacesetter Academy. Through this program, we help give adjusters top-quality catastrophe adjuster training.

Graduates of this program have gone on to become adjusters highly-prized by insurance companies.

Who We Serve

At Pacesetter, we want to transform the independent adjusting industry. We strive to do this by giving high-quality, fast service for every single client.

Insurance companies have come to know and trust Pacesetter because of our fast response time, ability to adapt to any situation, and efficient workflow. If adjusters are needed at a specific location after a disaster, Pacesetter can rise to the occasion and send a team to help with claims.

Our communication and work are streamlined so that insurance companies can always know where things stand. We have our field reporting go through a claims manager to make sure all work is top-notch and timely.

It’s our aim to exceed the expectations of insurance companies who are in need of assistance with adjusting claims.

Aside from insurance companies, we also work with other industry networks. The point is, if you’re dealing with property claims, we have adjusters who can help you.

We help to secure insurance companies and other industry networks the best possible financial settlement for the insurance claim.

Just as you’d turn to a lawyer for legal needs or an accountant for taxes, adjusters or the go-to professional for property claims.

If you’re a business or commercial property owner who has suffered property damage or loss, don’t waste hours trying to understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry.

Instead, allow Pacesetter to handle documenting a claim on your behalf.

Why Choose Pacesetter?

The benefit of hiring Pacesetter Claims Service is that we can help relieve you of the stress of preparing a claim.

We have a full staff of certified, professional adjusters who are the best to be found in the industry.
Whether the work is in the office or out in the field, our networking and management system provides a solid foundation of support.

Our team is able to communicate through every step of the claims process, from preparing to settling the claim. It’s because of our dynamic system that we’re able to give excellent service.

Pacesetter sets itself apart from other adjuster service providers by maintaining close communication with you throughout the entire journey. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and giving custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

If you want the very best when it comes to claims adjusting, contact us today.

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 Since 1997, we have built and continue to attract the best operations team in the property claim industry. Our team supports all aspects of the property line to include Catastrophe, Daily, and Desk Adjusting. We also offer file audits, appraisal, and consulting services. Working together, we will help you deliver the service standards your customers expect.
Quality you can count on from a trusted partner you can rely on!