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Three Loss Adjusting Claims Leaders Pioneer Benefit Transformation for Thousands in Freelance Workforce

Collaboration with Wingspan Software Platform Unlocks New Support and Efficiency

Three loss adjusting firms are leading the way for the industry in transforming benefits and support for freelance adjusters and inspectors. Pacesetter Claims Service, CIS Group and CRU GROUP, which all serve insurers with outsourced P&C claims and underwriting solutions, are partnering with Wingspan, a software company revolutionizing payments and benefits for enterprises committed to providing better support for critical freelance workers. This software implementation is an unprecedented step for the insurance industry and will usher in a new era of benefits for freelance workers in the United States. 

Facing Challenges and Boosting Efficiency

Critical freelance workers face challenges that affect productivity, performance, and well-being. These include the complexity of withholding and planning for taxes; time-consuming expense tracking and administrative work; and difficulty accessing telemedicine and other healthcare around busy travel schedules.

By partnering with Wingspan, the three pioneering firms are offering thousands of freelance claims adjusters and inspectors next-generation support to boost workforce well-being and increase efficiency. Through Wingspan, adjusters and inspectors can access a range of support including:

  • Assistance and guidance in managing finances, including tax withholding, bookkeeping, business banking and invoicing—to reduce administrative time and avoid costly mistakes
  • Healthcare benefits including telemedicine, vision, dental, and disability
  • Easy access to trusted experts for benefits administration and tax, legal, and accounting guidance
  • User-friendly platform, with 95% of freelance workers onboarded without assistance

“We are excited to bring new critical services and support to adjusters and inspectors to substantially improve their business and personal lives,” said Bill Brassfield, President & CEO of Pacesetter Claims Service. “In just 6 months with Wingspan, we’ve achieved widescale adoption of the system’s financial and healthcare benefits.”

Chris Long, Vice President Business Development for CIS Group noted, “We are excited to offer our network of 1,100 freelance workers the benefits of Wingspan to simplify the persistent difficulties of tax withholding, estimated payments, business expenses and bookkeeping. Wingspan is going to reduce the burden for our adjusters while also helping to keep them financially on track.”

“We love the idea of providing adjusters and inspectors valuable health and advisory services,” explained David Repinski, CEO of CRU GROUP. “Access to health services like telemedicine is crucial for adjusters on the road. It will be life-changing to connect our workers with specialists to guide them in healthcare, tax, and legal matters.”

Providing More Benefits for contractors

Anthony Mironov, Co-Founder & CEO of Wingspan said, “We’re on a mission to provide contractors with financial and health benefits historically reserved for W2 employees.  Contractors are the backbone of the insurance industry — and we’re thrilled to partner with Pacesetter, CIS, and CRU to set a new standard for the ways companies support their contingent workforce.”

For more on the Wingspan software platform, visit https://www.wingspan.app.

Bill Brassfield, Pacesetter Claims
888-218-4880 Ext. 1214

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Pacesetter sets itself apart from other adjuster service providers by maintaining close communication with you throughout the entire journey. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and giving custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

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