Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Etiquette

Date: May 13, 2019 posted by admin mail Twitter facebook

With billions of users worldwide, social media is a great way to connect, network, gather information and stay on top of current events. Most people use at least one form of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube daily. With so much of our time spent interacting on social media it is important to discuss some do's and don'ts!

Do- Pick professional screen names.
Do- Create professional pages that include your real name and a professional profile photo.
Don't - Post anything that you wouldn't want your family, boss, clergy person, clients, colleagues, or religious affiliates to see. 
Do- Be mindful of privacy settings.
Do- Separate your personal and professional contacts.
Do- Use appropriate/professional language.
Do- Remember that what you post is a representation/extension of yourself. 
Do- practice HALT, don't post if you are too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Take time to reflect before posting. 
Don't- Send winks, pokes, or game invitations to business contacts.
Do- Check your grammar and spelling. 
Do- Use caution when posting and tagging photos. 
Do- Share Thoughtfully. Use digression when posting and re-posting videos and pictures.
Don't- Be reactive. 
Do- Remember that what you say and do online stays online and can follow you around for years to come.
Don't- Overshare.
Don't- Misrepresent yourself. 
Do- Avoid ranting, complaining and arguing. 
Don't- Write in all caps.

Do-Think before you post!
Does it have value?
Does it fit the network's mission?
Who will see this?
Have I proof read it?
Did I use appropriate and professional language?
Is the content offensive?