Citizens Property Insurance

Date: September 15, 2015 posted by admin mail Twitter facebook


Citizens has announced it's intent to award Pacesetter Claims Service with a contract to provide both daily and catastrophe adjusters in Florida!

Citizens’ is a valuable and important partner in serving the people of Florida. Pacesetter will again be given the opportunity to highlight our experience, our commitment to excellence and the outstanding management that has made it one of the industries leaders.

If you are one of those accomplished adjusters that has enjoyed working with Citizens’ in the past or if you want to jump start your career with a chance to serve Citizens’ and their customers we want to talk to you about joining our dedicated Citizens’ roster.

In order to best serve them, Citizens’ has directed that each servicing vendor provide them with the names of adjusters dedicated to working for Citizens’ specifically on their roster. While this does not limit you to working solely for one company, it does insure that you will be recognized as a qualified and capable adjuster who is being managed by an equally qualified and capable company.

All this good news brings us finally to you. Time is of the essence and we need you to respond quickly to this special opportunity. Follow one of the links at the bottom of this page to apply and begin the process of elevating your opportunities and career.

The process will be accomplished through a series of steps;

  1. 1) Each adjuster must be credentialed and dedicated to Pacesetter with Citizens’ Property Insurance Corporation
  2. 2) Each adjuster will have a complete and current background check (to be secured by Pacesetter)
  3. 3) Each adjuster must have a current Citizens certification, training provided by Pacesetter Claims Service
  4. 4) Each adjuster must have a current Florida Adjusters License – if you do not have an existing Florida License – please contact Cara Collins immediately for further direction, or 888-218-4880 ext. 1219

Additional information will be following as Citizens’ provides.