2015 Pacesetter Claims Service Conference News

Date: September 15, 2015 posted by admin mail Twitter facebook


The 2015 Pacesetter Claims Service Conference is just around the corner and we need you to register!
You can simply follow the conference links on our website, print out the registration, enter your information, and send check or you can pay online by clicking here to “secure your tickets now”. We are extending the “early bird” rate until March 2nd, and we have revised the cancellation policy. If you register and you are deployed prior to the event, we will refund 100% of your fee (explanation needs to be submitted for refund).

As stated in previous communications, we have something to offer everyone attending our conference. More importantly, we are offering up to 30 hours of Continuing Education in Oklahoma and 19 hours in reciprocating states. Do not allow those expensive and hard earned Licenses to lapse! Along with many great speakers, presentations and instruction, we will be introducing you to our team members, and you will have a chance to network with your peers.

We realize the past few years have been financially challenging to say the least, but for those of you straddling the fence, you simply can’t afford to miss this event;

• If you are a CAT Adjuster, you need to meet our Adjuster Deployment Team (John Jacobs, Cara Collins and Denise Whitman)
o We have implemented a new Management System, FileTrac, which not only houses all claim information; it houses your information, and we need to make sure it is up to date
o John and his team are currently working on the 2015 Core Adjuster rosters – wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to know who you are and what you are capable of
• If you are a Daily Adjuster, you need to meet our Daily Managers
o Our Daily claim business has exploded over the past 18 months with new clients and states being added every month
o We have immediate opportunities available
• If you are a Desk Adjuster, you need to meet our newest team member, Mitch Whitman
o Desk Adjusting (aka-Temporary Services), is Pacesetter’s latest service offering, and we are expecting great things from this division and Mitch
o Take advantage of this opportunity to get in on the ground floor
• If you are trying to get on our roster, you NEED to be here
o If you are an experienced Adjuster that has been attempting to get on our roster, right now is arguably the best opportunity you’ll ever have
o If you are a rookie Adjuster, this is an excellent opportunity to grow and learn how you too can become an integral part of our team
o We have multiple remote opportunities
 File Reviewers
 Water Mitigation File Audits
 File Collaborators

Remember – The conference fee, travel, lodging and meals are “expenses” related to your business and are therefore tax deductible.